the right to freedom of speech n expression does not come without qualification. explain?

Right to freedom of speech and expression is considered to be the strength of a democracy which allows people to freely express their views and opinions. In fact it is this right which contributes towards vigilant citizenry and enables them to be politically alert and aware. Freedom of expression, to communicate one's ideas freely allows individual to develop himself to the fullest. It allows individual to :

a. Express his views freely.
b. To disagree with governments' policies.
c. To express his dissent.
d. To criticise governments' policy.
e. To publicise his/her views.
However, when we say that this freedom does not come without qualification it means, that this freedom is not absolute. It means:

i. You cannot use your freedom of expression to instigate violence.
ii. You cannot incite people to rebel against the government.
iii. Nor you can defame somebody by making false allegations.
iv. Your freedom should not disrupt public order, morality or health of a society.


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