"The rise of political parties is directly linked to the emergence of representative democracy." Justify.

Solution -
The rise of parties is directly associated with representative form of Democracy because:
a. Owing to large territory and large population it is not possible for people to assemble together and make policies for themselves, hence representatives from parties are to be chosen.
b. A highly diverse, large and complex societies need a medium that would represent their interests and establish a link between the government and people.
c. Modern form of democracies also need representatives from various political parties to form the government and others to keep a check on the ruling party by being in opposition.
d. Not having parties will lead to chaos and turmoil in the society.
e. It would be against the democratic principles.
f. Existence of political parties in a representative democracy ensures that country runs as per its policies and ideologies and have a responsible accountable government which is answerable to the people.

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