" The Road not taken is a poem of all times ." Comment .

"The Road not taken" is a poem of all times because it stands as a metaphor of an important and continuous aspect of life, i.e. 'making choices'. In life, people need to make choices in different situations. They have to weigh the options and make one choice and go ahead with life. It is almost impossible to return to exercise another choice.

The poet also once had to choose one road out of two. After a careful thought he chose the first road as it was lovely and inviting. But, the poet had in mind the second road also. He had thought that he would come back and walk on it later. But, he couldn't return to the second road. And sadly, this has made all the difference in his life. 

By relating this incident, the poet tries to convey the idea that we need to make our choices in life very judiciously. It is generally not possible to begin life afresh from a point somewhere in the middle. So, what we chose in life makes all the difference.

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