'The role of youth realising the dreams of dr.kalam'

Today I am going to speak about Dreams of Dr. Kalam, the former president of our country. I will be speaking on his works and ambitions. Well everybody has their own dreams about their own lives but unlike the others, Dr. Kalam had ambitions for this nation. He wanted our youth to take active participation in working of our political institutions. He wanted the youth to fight for equal rights, fight against corruption, empowering the masses and the women, finding jobs within the country tackling with social issues and promoting national integration.

Dr. Kalam's ambition was to see India as a developed nation and not a developing nation. We have come a long way since Independence and have gained enough to be called a super power. I feel a lot that there is still to achieve to meet the dreams of Dr. Kalam. There is corruption and other social issues which are needed to be sorted out. Why can't India top the anti-corruption list like Denmark? It's not impossible. We can do Anything we really want. We need our work done to be first but why can't we do someone's work honestly?

2 + 2 = 4.
Everybody knows it, nothing new exist in it and no one faces any problem while speaking this.
Then when the problem arises?
When we try to make the 2 to ourselves 3 and others 1 the problems arise. We want others to be honest with us but when will the time come when we will be honest to our mother - The India?

Our youth, the upcoming future can make India, The India. We have got everything need to excel in our country but we don't care for it. Why can't we like Japan can make ourselves so strong so that all the tsunamis, earthquakes or anything can't affect us, can't stop us from growing our wealth, our progress?

All these questions can be answered by the upcoming India. It is necessary to teach the young India their importance in shaping the country's shape and the sight of other countries on how they look at us. Children can learn from parents the good then why can't the parents behave the same. They can and they will if you will.

The 'Will' only starts from you. You can change everybody but first you'll need to change yourself. You'll have to listen your heart more than you listen your 'selfish brain'.  Yes, brain was always selfish and so will be but the heart remains untouched by selfishness. You can change, change the country the world but just listening to your heart.

This is what our former president Dr. Kalam wanted from us. Let's promise the missile man that we will by the will we have.  
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