The roof of a movie theatre and a conference hall is coverd

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In Concert Halls, music or other sounds are produced on the stage and must be carried through the air to people in the crowd. Some of these sound waves go directly to the people in the crowd, without bouncing off of anything first. However, other sound waves from the stage first go to areas like walls and ceilings, then the sound either bounces off or is absorbed. When sound waves bounce off of a surface, the new direction they travel is related to the angle they strike the surface. 

  The roof of a conference hall and a movie theater is curved. It is done to enable uninterrupted reflection of sound from all angles. The sound that is produced will reflect from all parts of the roof and  after reflection reaches all corners of the hall uniformly. 


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This is done so that the sound produced can be reflect? from the roof parts and? also from the walls so that the sound produced can be reached in all part of the theater or the conference hall. This helps the sound to reach to the every person in the hall. This is purely made on the principle of reflection of the sound. These curves can result in the? process of reverberation .
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