'The secretions of the brush border cells of the mucosa along with the secretions of the goblet cells constitute the intestinal juice or succus entericus.'

Please explain this statement in an elaborated form and please explain what is meant by the term " "brush border cells" of the mucosa "

Brush border means brush like surface.
In the small intestines, the epithelial cells or mucus layer form finger like projections called microvilli due which the surface looks brush like called brush border and these microvilli cells are called brush border cells.

These brush border cells secrete mucus and increase the surface area for absorption of digested food in small intestines. The wall of small intestines also contain goblet cells that produce juice containing various digestive enzymes. 

The mucus of the brush border cells and juice of goblet cells together constitute a juice called succus entericus. It plays important role in digestion.

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