The state of hybridisation of central atom of anoinic part of solid PBr5 is.....

In solid state PBr5 exist as [PBr4]+Br-. Anion part is Bromide ion. You have asked wrong question. It should be "What is the hybridisation of central atom in cation part?"Hybridisation of central atom in [PBr4]+ is sp3. The valence electronic configuration of P is 3s23p3. Since Phosphorous in [PBr4]+ has one electron less due to positive charge. So, its outer electronic configuration is 3s2 3p2. Phosphorous will excite in to 3s13p3‚Äč. It has four valence electrons which are bonded with four bromide ions. So, the hybridisation of central atom in cation part is sp3.

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