.The story 'Bholi' throws light on some social evils being practiced in our society.Bholi took a stand and

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Your question seems to be  incomplete. But assuming your question to be 'After reading the story 'Bholi', what do you understand about the social evil that is still deep- rooted in our society? Throw light on how dowry is a negation of a girl's dignity. Suggest
some measures that can be adopted to eradicate this evil from our society.' ; here is the answer accordingly:

Bholi was the fourth child of her parents. She had small pox due to which she had permanent small pox marks on her body. Her teacher helped her to learn. She was able to differentiate between what is wrong and what is right. She denied marrying a man who was much older to her as he was asking for dowry.

This shows that the evil of dowry is deep rooted in the society. Girls are considered to be a burden. They are neither taught properly and are only raised so that they could be married off. Finding the right groom starts from the day she is born. Instead of teaching and training her so that she could be self dependent, people remove her from the school and are sad when a girl child is born.

The girl child should be given proper education. She should be made self dependent. People should respect girls and should provide them equal opportunities like the boys. Dowry should neither be given or taken. Girls and boys should be told about evils of dowry. strict punishment should be given to those who ask for dowry.

If this was not what you had in mind, please re-post the clear & correct query in a thread, our expert would be happy to help you there.


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