The surroundings of your colony have fallen into neglect resulting in mounds of garbage, choked drains, overflowing dustbins that are becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes, flies and bacteria. As a resident of the colony, write a letter to the editor of the local daily, drawing attention to the careless attitude of the authorities towards the health of the people.

28-A Nidhi Colony

Sector-7, Rohini

New Delhi


5 September, 2013

 The Editor

The Times of India

New Delhi




Subject: The deplorable condition of public hygiene in our locality and neglect of duty of the authorities

This is to draw your attention to the continuing neglect of duty and general unconcern on the part of the municipal authorities in maintenance of the public health and hygiene in our colony. The constant menace of diseases and negotiation of litter-filled roads on the way to work has become a ficture in the lives of the colony residents.

Large mounds of garbage on the roadside,clogged drains,dustbins overflowing with refuse and becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes and a plethora of insects have become the mainstay of our colony. Repeated entreaties to the municipal officers have fallen on deaf ears and their careless attitude towards the welfare of the people is condemnable.

One behalf of the other residents of the colony,it is my earnest request that you kindly devote attention to this problem of apathy on the part of municipal authorities in discharging their daily duties in your esteemed publication.

Thanking you in anticipation

Yours sincerely


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