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Dear Student, If a bar magnet is broken into two pieces, each piece will behave as an individual magnet because the new poles are formed at the broken ends. If these pieces are broken further, the smaller pieces still remains as individual magnets with two opposite poles. Even a very small piece of a magnet is an individual magnet and has a north and a south pole. Therefore when Q is 'North', then automatically it's other end (of 2nd magnet) will be 'South'. So, now the right end of first magnet will be 'North' then it's other end will be South. Hence, P is 'South'. Now, in the case of third magnet, as Q is North, therefore the left end of 3rd magnet will be 'South' and other end will be (R) 'North'. Thus, P is South (S) and R is 'North' (N) respectively. Therefore, "B" is correct. Regards

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