The temperature remains constant during the boiling of water even though heat is supplied continously.Why?

The  temperature  remains  constant  during  the  boiling  of  water  even  though  heat  is  supplied  continuously.  This  is  because,  the  heat  supplied  is  absorbed  by  the  water  particles  and  this  heat  increases  their  kinetic  energy.  Thus,  because  of  an  increase  in  kinetic  energy,  the  bond  between  the  water  particles  are  cut  down  and  they  move  more  freely,  compared  to  water.  Hence,  they  become  gas.  So,  this  is  why   the  temperature  remains  constant  even  though  heat  is  supplied  continuously  to  the  water.

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during the boiling of water,after reaching boiling point,the temperature remains constant because the heat we supply is being used for the conversion of water into vapour.i.e,the heat enery is taken by the vapour.this is known as latent heat of vapourisation.

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because it takes that heat to only change its state not an increase in  temparature which is called latent heat

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because of the latent heat of vapourisation which is only used to change the state of a matter for increasing the temperature :)

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Sorry, I made a small mistake in my above answer.

  the rite ans is-because of the latent heat of vapourisation that is used to change the state of matter NOT for increasing the temp.

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hi krishnan please answer all my mathematical queries

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