what are the three determinants of the outcome of social division in politics?

a. First of all, the outcome depends on how people perceive their identities. If people

see their identities in singular, it becomes difficult to accommodate.

b. Secondly, it depends on how political leaders raise the demands of any community. It

is easier to accommodate demands that are within the constitutional framework and

are not at the cost of another community.

c. Thirdly, it depends on how the govt. reacts to the demands of different groups. Minorities

should also be taken care of with the majority

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Abhishek has given a correct answer of your question.
The three determinants of the outcome of social division in politics are as follows:
The people’s perception of their identities
When this is singular, the accommodation of other identities becomes difficult.
Representation of a community by political leaders
While representing a community, if politicians raise demands that are constitutional, then it is easier to accommodate those demands.
The government’s reaction
If the reasonable demands of a community are suppressed by the government, then it leads to social divisions, which in turn threaten the integrity of the country.
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