the three friends of the novel 'three men in a boat' are workaholics? what did they do to de-stress themselves?

From the base of the novel, 'Three men in a boat'; three men-(Jim, Harris and George) feel that they are suffering from innumerable diseases caused due to overwork. They feel that they must go on a rest or holiday to release their stress. But Montmorency didn't like their idea and terms it "baly- foolishness". Jim and Harris claims that they must go on a sea-trip and stay along the countryside and George is man who gives an idea for going on a river trip along thames. The three men consider themselves as workaholic and decides to go on a river-trip on thames from kingston.

The three men prepares for the trip and in between many anecdotes and comic-set pieces are been described by Jim that add humour to the novel. George joins the other two later up the river Weybridge.

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read first chapters summary
hope u get the answer...
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see book and find go
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