The Tiger king was a callous and merciful person? Do you agree

What if he hadn't been told about his death from a tiger, he might n't have been so ruthless about tigers . might he thought that after kiing 100th tiger he could give up tiger hunting all together

The Maharaja in The Tiger King is portrayed as an autocrat who is eccentric. His callousness comes through his indiscriminate killing of tigers and destroying of natural habitat, just to prove a prophecy wrong. His irrational behaviour is reflected when he vows to attend to matters of the state only after killing a hundred tigers or when he marries into a family that has an estate with the largest tiger population. However, we find no evidence of his being merciful in the story.
If not for the prophecy, the Maharaja might not have been so ruthless about tigers, because in the story we see that he stops killing tigers only when he thinks that the hundredth tiger has been killed.

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