The title has a question mark. How far do you find it convincing and appropriate?

Pls answer with reference to Should Wizard Hit Mommy very very urgently.

Dear Student, 

The story is about the difference in perspectives of adults and children towards various issues in life. While Jacks version of the story forces Roger Skunk to change his odour from that of a rose to that of a skunk, Jo is unhappy with this ending. Jo felt that Roger Skunk should continue to smell like a rose. It made him popular among other creatures. So, she wanted the wizard to punish Roger Skunk's mother for making a foolish demand to restore the original odour of Roger Skunk. Jack, however, is mature and realises that those friends, who do not accept us for who we are, are not our true friends. Readers may side with either or Jack depending on the perspective they have towards various things in life. Therefore, the question mark is entirely justifiable. The story is written in such a way that one is forced to introspect whether the wizard should hit mommy or not. 


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