The V-I graph of a metallic wire at two temperatures T 1 and T 2 where slope of T 2 is greater than slope of T1

Which of the twotemperatures is higher and why?

We know that for conductors the resistance increases with temperature.

Now, the slope of a typical V-I graph for a conductor represents the resistance or

R = V/I = slope

now, as the slope of metal 2 is greater than metal 1 then the resistance of metal 2 will also be grater than metal. This would mean that temperature (which is directly related to resistance) will be greater for metal 2 compared to metal 1.

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 The T1 slope will have higher temperature.

V= I/R

so R=I/V

THEN if the I is greater then the resistance will also be greater

R the resistance is directly proportional to temperature by the principle of collison of the electron

now in this graph T1 has mor bent towards I so  more current

HENCE T1 has more temperature.

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