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(i). I am not able to see underline. However, the valency of hydrogen (H+) and oxygen (O-2) will be +1, and -2 respectively.
(ii) The valency of chlorine (Cl-) is -1. Hence, the valency potassium (K+) will be +1.
(iii) The valency of aluminium (Al+++) must be +3 in aluminium oxide (Al2O3) as the valencies of the compound crisscrossed during its formation.
(iv) Like aluminium oxide (Al2O3), the valency of Fe+++ will be +3.
(v) There are four electrons in the outer most shell of the carbon, shares 4 electrons with four atoms of hydrogen to achieve the noble gas configuration in CH4. Therefore, the valency of carbon in methane is -4.


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H2o is 2
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