The values of apparent angle of dip in two planes at right angle to each other are 45 degree and 30 degree respevtivly. The true value of angle of dip at yhe place is ?

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We have formula  for the relation between apparent dip and true dip: -
let angle of apparent dip be x
     angle of true dip be y
      angle eith plane is z

tan(x) = tan(y)/cos(z)

​is the relation ..
now acc to the question
x= 45 and z=30
tanx=1 and tanz=1/rt(3)
so tany=1/rt(3)  so y= 30 degree

hope it is correct and helpful
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Wat is apparent angle of dip
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Description is given below.i hope this is helpful to u.

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We can solve this question by simply using the below equation.


where θ1 and θ2 are the apparent dip 1 and 2 .
lets consider 
θ1=45 degree and θ2=30 degree
Now simply put given value in equation.
it will simply be 
1+(√3)2=cot2 (true dip)
1+3=cot2 (true dip)
4=cot2 (true dip)
√4=cot ( true dip)
2=cot ( true dip)
cot-1(2)= true dip.
hope it helps.......
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