The vascular buldles in the root of a pea plant are
#bicollateral and scattered
#radial and exarch
#conjoint and scattered
#Collateral and arranged in the form of a ring

Which of the following features is a characteristic of a Dicot stem?
#lysigenous cavity
# Sclerenchymatous hypodermis
#vascular bundles arranged in a ring fashion
#conjoint,Collateral,closed vascular bundles

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Please find below the answer:

Since the pea plant is a dicot and the root of a dicot plant contains vascular bundles that are radial and exarch, so option (2) is correct. Exarch is a condition in which the first-formed xylem (protoxylem) is outside while the later formed xylem (metaxylem) is inside.

In a dicot stem, vascular bundles are wedge-shaped with a ring-like arrangement. Lysigenous activity is absent in it and the nature of vascular bundles is conjoint, collateral, open, and search. Also, the hypodermis is collenchymatous. So, option (3) is correct.

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