The whole movement of man?s life is towards greater freedom. As a child grows up his dependence upon his parents and family progressively diminishes, while his freedom and self-reliance increase all the time. The goal of life seems to be headed in the direction of complete liberty but what do we understand by the word freedom? Freedom only means the capability of self-government. For?the highest?function of freedom is to make us capable of governing ourselves. Nietzsche says, ?He who cannot obey himself will be commanded?. Freedom does not mean liberty to do anything that one pleases. Freedom has no meaning without responsibility, for only the responsible can be truly free for nothing is liable to greater abuse than freedom.

2. All development is a process whereby we learn how to make the right choices. Hence it won?t be far from the truth to say that all values are created in freedom. And what, one may ask, is the purpose of freedom? The purpose of freedom is only one ? it is perfection. ?The entire process of time and development is from the less to the more perfect, whether it be in moral, ethical, physical, mental or spiritual perfection.? Freedom is the necessary condition in which the ideal of perfection may be realized. Complete freedom of choice means complete freedom to do what you want to do ? and is the only means to self-realization. The fully realized being is the highest ideal, not only because he fulfils himself, but also because being fully realized, he helps others to achieve their true potential. Mill says that ?In proportion to the development of his individuality, each person becomes more valuable to him and is, therefore, more capable of being more valuable to others.

3. Freedom, rather than meaning unrestricted license, means total self-discipline, for discipline alone, gives us freedom. Discipline is the means of achieving that which a free mind has evolved. Discipline is not an obstruction to freedom, but a passage to it, for the more imposed upon you if you cannot discipline yourself. Discipline means order while freedom may exist in chaos. And nothing worthwhile can be achieved where there are disorder and anarchy. Chaos has no power to affect anything worthwhile, and diffused energy is totally important. The only discipline can focus on it. So give up all ideas you may have that freedom meant doing anything that you fancy, for if you fancy disorder, you are not free but bound. Know that only he has the liberty that has control. Only he has the speed that has breaks, only he must fly who can land. Only he must start who can stop. Liberty without control is like a car without breaks. It will crash. Freedom has no meaning to achieve the objectives of humanity.

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