The word dunce is derived the

The word dunce is derived the (5) Ordinarily forest fires is associated in destruction. Ifallowed to run free, they can destroy something that crosses their path. There has been innumerable cases on forest fires raging out ofcontrol and damage notjust trees or also valuable property and claiming precious life. (6) At earlier t—s, physical activity was best means cut do (c) The int in an ea (f). batsme be wielc bat date despite design, change(

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The correct answers are given below-

Correct          Incorrect
a) are                 is
b) with                in
c) anything       something
d) have            has
e) of                 on
f) damaging      damage
g) but               or
h) lives            life


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Is - are In - by Something - everything Has - have On- of Raging - raged Or - but And - by
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Answer me
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is - are
in - with
something - anything
has - have
innumberable - infinite or countless
damage - damaged
or - but
And - by
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