there are 240  students in a class 9 of a school; 130 play cricket,100 play football ,75 play volleyball , 30  of these pla cricket , and football ,25 play cricket and volleyball ,15 play football and volleyball .also each student plays atleast one of the three games.find how many students play all the three games.answer fast....

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Let C,F and V denote the set of students who play cricket,football and vollyball respectively,Then , we haven(U)=240n(C)=130n(F)=100n(V)=75nCF=30n(CV)=25n(FV)=15n(CFV)=240So, students whos play all three games=nCFV=n(CFV)-nC-nF-nV+nCF+n(CV)+n(FV)=240-130-100-75+30+25+15=5

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