There ia an error in each line. Mark the error and write the correct word.

Q. Islamic education arrive in India                        (a) ___________   _________
     many before Aurangzeb's time,                          (b) ___________   _________
     fully grew in concept, context and 
     functioning.                                                         (c) ___________   _________
     It has its beginning in mektabs,                          (d) ___________   _________
     the Arabic term for school. Though their           (e)___________   _________
     is no indication as for where they                       (f) ___________  _________
     were first establish, mektabs                               (g) __________   _________
     the fourteenth century AD 
     in capital cities like Samarkand.                          (h) __________   _________

Dear Student

Incorrect    correct

​​​​​​a. arrive     arrived
b. many     much
c. grew       grown
d.  has     had
e.  their    there
f. for    to
g.  establish   established
h to   by



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a) arrive - arrived
b) many - much
c) in - into
d) has - had
e) school - schools
f) for - from
g) establish - establish
h) cities - city

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