There is an error in each line.
owls spends most of their time in the (1)
​dark and has an acute sense of (2)
hearing. They can detect there prey just(3)
by hear them move in the complete darkness.(4)
Owls have two ears, one on neither side(5)
of a head. they also have(6)
a dish like structure at the (7)
face what is made up of feathers.(8)

here are the answers..

spends;- spend
has;- have
there;- their
hear;- hearing
neither'- each
a'- the

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1) spend (correct)   error-spends
2)have (correct)     error-has
3)their(correct)      error-there
4)hearing (correct)  error-hear
5)each (correct)     error-neither
6)the (correct)        error-a
7)on  (correct)       error-at
8)which (correct)    error-which

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sorry , 8) error is - what
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3)there will change to their
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(1) has-have 
(2) there-their

Hope this helps :)!
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3 hearing
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error marking samples
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Owl spends most of their time in the dark and has an acute senses of hearing .they can detect there prey just from hear them move in completetly darkness.owls have two ears, one on neither side of a head. They are nocturnal birds.
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I want answers for question number 3

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Please answer b part

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