These are a set of questions i wanna ask plz answer them:-

1.the process of exchange of genetic materials between two non sister chromatids.

2.the condition in which both alleles are identical.?

3.what is photophosphosphorylation?

4.all physiological process need an optimum temperature to operate?

5.why is root hair unicellular?

6.what is fovea centralis?

7.list the events taking place in photochemical phase of photosynthesis.?

Ans 2)  The condition in which both the alleles are identical is known as homozygous condition. 

Ans 4) All physiological process need an optimum temperature to operate, this is because all the processes like digestion, photosynthesis  are carried by the enzymes and enzyme work over a narrow range of temperature. 

Ans6) Fovea centralis is a part of eye and is responsible for the formation of sharp vision. It provides visual details thus helps in reading, driving etc.

@ Kunal : I can not answer all the questions because of the time constrain. Please try to find them yourself. If still you face any problem feel free to contact us.

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  1. Crossing
  2. Homologous pairs
  3. The process of formation of ATP from ADP in presence of light.
  4. Q. not clear
  5. For more permeability and more surface area.
  6. Probably the oval window
  7. Splitting of H2O and photophosphorylation and formation of NADPH
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