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1) which if the following developments can iccue in ecinomy due to deficit financing?
Rise in inflation
Decrease in public debt
Increase in money supply
Improvement in current account deficit
2)Which of the following cause decrease in supply?
Rediction in factor prices
Decrease in no. Of firms
Increase in price of competing product
All of these
3) consider three consumer goods 100 of good A,100 of good and 100 of good the base year good A sold ar price of dollar 1 good B sold at price dollar 1 and c at price of dollar the current year good A at the price of dollar 3 good b sold at price of 5 dollrs and good c sold at price of dollar 10 the CPI for current year:
4) You plan to attend ncc camp for 2 months .if you do you won't be able to take your usual part time job that pays 10,000 for 2 months and ypu won't be able to live at home for free. The cost of ncc are living expenses 2000 costume 3000 and srudy material 1000.what is the marginal opporrunity cost?
5) what will be the value of capital when stock us 15000 and change in stock 5000?
6) As a result of increase in investment by rs 1000 crore national income increased by rs 5000 crore.then the value of MPC and MPS will be?

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Ans 2) The factor that would cause decrease in supply is decrease in the number of firms. With a fall in the number of firms the total supply of the commodity falls. 

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