this is a poem about a girl talking.



मित्र इस कविता में एक बच्ची को दिखाया गया है, जो अपनी माँ से अपने मन की इच्छा प्रकट करती है। उसे लगता है कि उसके बड़े होने पर माता उसकी ओर ध्यान नहीं देती है।

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 i would love to read this poem 

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 where is the poem 

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i know the is a poem of a girl that says to her mother that she is smallest

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syedasamiya  u r wrong.

the author is telling that he want to be a kid again because children get more attention than grown ups.

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No but the girl is actually trying to say that she is the youngest and she needs more attention.She needs more love and affection being the youngest.She is always behind her mother

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  •  The poem is very unrhyming and very boring. I can make poem better than this one. Shame on you, shamsher!
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 this is a poem about a girl talking to the moon

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chand se todhi gappe ---  help me to frame 10 sentences on river from the poem

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 Its about a girl talking to the moon .....she tells him that you are so attractive and beautiful that i have fallen in love with me but she has a few issues like she wonders why he keeps getting smaller and bigger (she thinks  its some disorder) and she also saya that he never talks to her in return and shesays that she cannot love a man who cannot talk to her .....this poem is all about a childs innocense 

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