This is d pic of brassicaceae...what will b the characteristics of this family...

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Family Brassicaceae (Mustard Family)

Vegetative features:

Habit: Annual, biennial or perennial herbs, generally contains sap having water and mostly contain glucosinolates (oils), hairs simple and branched.

Root: Tap root system.

Floral features:

Inflorescence: Racemose, corymbose raceme 

Flower: Actinomorphic, hypogynous and rarely zygomorphic and bisexual flowers are found. 

Calyx: It contains four sepals which are separate present in two whorls.

Corolla: It contains four petals arranged in cruciform shape.

Androecium: It consists of 6 anthers (with exceptions) in which 2 are short and 4 are long dehiscence is longitudinal and contains nectaries..

Gynoecium: Syncarpous, bicarpellary (rarely 3 or 4), unilocular but later become bilocular with false septum, superior ovary which is unilocular with parietal placentation.

Fruit: Siliqua

Floral formula: 

Economic importance: Oil yielding plants which are used in making various culinary preparations.

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