This poem suggest the need of universal brotherhood. How is brotherhood is important for peace and prosperity of the worth?

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The theme of brotherhood and equality is discussed throughout the poem. 

This poem is about all men being brothers -- that all people are essentially the same. Brotherhood is important because it creates a feeling of oneness, thereby spreading speace and properity in the world. The poet reminds us this through the following lines. 

  • All people are the same beneath their uniforms/clothes. ​
  • All walk on the same kind of land and will all be buried in it.​​​​​​
  • Our hands are the same and we all do the same work.
  • They sleep and wake as we do.
  • Love is strong enough to conquer all people -- all people are the same
  • When we are told to hate others, it's ourselves we are hating.
  • When we fight each other, we are defiling the earth we all live on and the air we all breathe.
When we realise this great truth, we are able to live in peace and unity with one another.

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