This qn is nt frm our studies... bt I need ur help.... we r doing a class magazine.. monday(14 nov 2016) v hve 2 submit it... bt v hv nt completed it :( nd attached few plane papers nd gve 4 spiral binding... coz... v r planning 2 bring articles nd stick it in those plane papers v attached... bt I think it will damage d look of our magazine as the viewer can identify tat v sticked it... :( is thr ny other way 2 hide this??? Or ny other idea??? Plz suggest me... Plz frndz.. I need ur help :)

Dear student 

Simply type your articles or print the already written article on a new sheet of paper and have it rebound. Having additional sheets attached to a spiral bound book is not difficult and any book binder will be able to do this. 


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