This question plz give me the answer

This question plz give me the answer Q, S. Shri Sinfu has kept Of the or hy him fm year 2016 from the Caeh in from wife 23.400 Mr. Sinha transferred p.m. upto 30-11-15 and t8,OOO for the remaining period into his private bank A,'c_ He withdrew for daughter •nd e 1,000 fot other purposes. He also withdrewgoods of 1,600 tor private use. During the year, he received 1,00.ODO as pension from government of .000 invested in business, He also sold personal scooter for t9,600 invested in business. On 31--3-16 Outstanding expenses were ? 5.800; prepaid expenses and commission earned but not received 0.000. Depreciate tiarniture by and provide 5% for doubtful debts. Also prepare Final Statement of Affairs. Following is the Receipts and Payments Account otFitwell Club for the year

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