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Any can tell

This sentences meaning Any can tell another The bell rang. Just then Rajam. Somu and Mani entered. The teacher carne in and stood aghast. [Ie could do little more than look on. He was the old Tatuil Pundit. the most composed teacher in the school. and Mani parted the fighters with great difficulty. Somu said. •Sir, please let us go out. We do want to disturb the class. • The teacher started to answer but Mani had already gone out, pushing Swaminathan and Pea before Somu followed him with Shankar, All the friends came to lonely spol in the field adjoining the school. There was silence ror a while and then Mani said, 'What is wrong with you, you little rogues?' The three started to speak at once. Swaminathan•s voice was the loudest: •He. Pea wrote— No—I didn't, you-' Tail—Big Tall—on the blackboard— big— screamcci Pea -

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