this summer vacation you are planning to visit Shimla write a letter to a travel agency to Shimla ,requesting them to book a room for you in a five star hotel give other details of journey and facilities you require there sign your name as Leela/Mohan ,c(5),new colony Ghuhati Assam.

Shimla travel agency
​Po box 19008

25th october 2015

​C(5)new colony

Subject: Booking of a room in the five star hotel

Respected SirMadam

I m LeelaMohan. i have made a booking for a trip to Shimla next month
I have registered and paid the money also 

Sir this letter is for telling u that please make an arrangement for us to stay in a five star hotel
u dont worry about the money i m ready to pay the amount of money u ask to pay 
as u know that our flight on 28th october 2015
please do the needful for our stay
and plz email me the recipt so that i can send the payment and with that the details of the tour and all the facilities which will be provided to us  

Hoping that u will do the needful . and hoping to see u soon 

Yours faithfully 
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i hope this will help u if its wrong plz forgive me
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u shud do dese acts by ur self!-__-
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good info!
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good information
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very good question and answer
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Thanks your ar good information
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