This world is a big rattrap. Do you agree? give reasons in support of your answer.

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It cannot be agreed entirely that the world is a large rattrap because that would be a subjective view of one’s own difficulties. The world is a rattrap, only if we make it to be one. This is exactly the case with the tramp.

The tramp has not had a happy life, and therefore imagines that he is like a rat. Whenever something good is about to happen to him, he immediately suffers for it, much like a rat that is trying to eat the pork or cheese in a rattrap. When offered shelter by the crofter, he is ungrateful, and steals money from him. What he does not realise is that he is putting himself in the position of a rat, waiting to be trapped. The tramp also ends up being invited into the iron smith’s house, which he enters pretending to be someone else. Upon seeing his true identity, the Iron smith threatens to reveal him to the sheriff. Even the daughter suspected that the tramp had stolen something so they both had good reason to hand the tramp in for fraud. But they didn’t, simply because of the kindness of their own heart. They allow him to stay overnight and let him enjoy the Christmas feast as well. Later he escapes, although he returns the crofter’s money.

In the tramps mind, he has proved to everyone that the world is a large rattrap. He says that being poor, he could have been in a lot of trouble. But as “Captain von Stahle” he was able to use “power” to escape justice. On the other hand, he never realises that all this difficulty could have been avoided if he hadn’t stolen the crofter’s money, hence proving that the world is a large rattrap, only if you make it to be one. 


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The world is a big rattrap,its sets baits for us like a rattrap does for a rat.For us the baits are riches and joys of the world,shelter and food,heat and clothing as for rats its cheese and pork.As said the world like a rattrap is waiting with baits for us,once we took the bait there is no turning back,it will trap us forever. 
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this whole world is a rat trap .For us it set its bait in the form of riches,luxury,shelter ,food etc..nd when one aspires for them ,he goes on receding deeper nd deeper into the trap,losing all chances of deliverance.
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