[ ] This year you have decided to buy clothes for the underprivileged children of your society. Write a letter to your friend telling him or her about this.

Dear Student,

Lawrence Road,
New Delhi-110018.

23 October, 20xx.

Dear ABC,

i have decided to buy clothes for the under privillaged students in my socity as on the occasion of diwali it  will be a grate gift to them as well for me on the auspicios occasion im going to buy clothes i.e

i reqest you even to get alosng thing that you feel so yo brought up for thse childrenes as it is a great opportunity for us to lern humanity and valuare from these childrens even we can tell them to inform about green diwali.i kmow you will also enjoy it will be an intractive session.

hope to see you near the park tomorrow.


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