[ ] This year you have decided to buy clothes for the underprivileged children of your society. Write a letter to your friend telling him or her about this.

Dear Student,
Given below is an outline that will help you frame a complete answer, as this is a creative writing task. Refer to the Website to find the format of a letter.
  • I am writing this letter to let you know about something different that I am planning to do this year.
  • I am disturbed by the number of underprivileged children that I see around me.
  • It is sad to see how we misuse our resources and forget how blessed we are.
  • This year, I am planning to buy some new clothes for these children and gift it to them.
  • I wanted to know if you are interested in the same.
  • Whatever small contribution you make, will make a huge difference in their lives.
I hope you find this answer helpful. Please post more questions on the forum to be assisted by our team.
Thank you.    

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