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Rahul Pillai , asked a question
Subject: Physics , asked on 31/12/10

 Three identical capacitors C 1 , C 2  and C 3  of capacitance 6  μ F each are connected to a 12 V battery as shown.


(i) charge on each capacitor

(ii) equivalent capacitance of the network

(iii) energy stored in the network of capacitors


Ajay T.s. , Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 31/12/10

Hi Sanal!

The solution to the problems is as follows:

(i)  Charge on each capacitors:

The capacitors C1 and C2 are in series. Therefore the equivalent capacitance of this combination is

As you know, charge Q= CV.

Therefore charge on C1= charge on C2=3µF×12V=36µC.

Charge on C3=6µF×12V=72µC.

(ii)  Equivalent capacitance of the network:

The equivalent capacitance of the series combination of C1 and C2 is 3µF. This is in parallel with C3. Therefore, the equivalent capacitance of the network Ceq=3µF+ 6µF =9µF.

(iii)  Energy stored in the network of capacitors:


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