Throughout the play, the character tried to overpower each other by insulting and abusing. They get angry very easily. Do you think it is necessary to train how to manage your anger?

What is the harm of being ill tempered? Suggest some ways to keep yourself calm in worst situations.

The play presents a typical example of the negative potential of anger. The proposal that was meant for a marriage ceremony did not even come to the fore. It just ended up creating a bone of contention between two neighbours. 

It is imperative that people be taught some simple ways to manage their anger. Otherwise given the stress levels in modern society, everybody would be quarrelling with everyone else for some reason or the other. Being ill-tempered results only in futility. Both the parties being egocentric, they just continue to prove their points through a high pitch voice, insults and abuses without reaching to any conclusion. This not only disturbs the peace of mind of opposing parties but also of the entire neighbourhood.

Meditation is one possible way to control one's anger. Constant self-searching results in the acknowledgement of the fact that no one is perfect. The tendency to make mistakes exists in very flesh and blood of human beings. So, people should try to be tolerant towards behaviour of others. If there are some points of friction, they can can be resolved via calm and composed debate.

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