Can you explain the 2nd para of the text?

why was kings words more like the bulletins issued by war office than facts?

Initially the king seemed well set to realise his ambition means ?

"... exactly as the crown prince of other Indian states did " How does he mock ???

Do you think the prophecy was indisputably disproved ?

what idea do you form of the married life of the king ?

1)  In the second paragraph, the narrator iterates that he will be telling us the story behind the king's peculiar nomenclature of 'tiger king'. He had no intention of pretending to advance only to end in a strategic withdrawal because even if the telling of the story was detrimental to the king's reputation, it would be narrated now. Even the threat of a Stuka bomber would not throw him off track as it was imperative to disclose a matter of vital importance regarding the king. The people had the right to know and the freedom of speech to express.

2) The king's words were like bulletins issued by war office rather than facts because their validity depended only upon the fact that they had been uttered by the king.

3) The king seemed well-set to realize his ambition of killing a hundred tigers, he was completely engrossed in his mission and it seemed to be relatively easy because he did not face any dangers. There were times when the bullet missed the mark and the tiger leapt upon him but he fought with his bare hands. The Maharaja won every time.

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