Tips for board exam

Dear Student,

Keep the following things in mind while preparing for any exam:

• Make a Time Table and put in maximum hours for the subject you feel less confident of. But make sure you don't neglect the subjects you are confident in.
• Discuss important topics with your teachers and classmates and prepare them well.
• Practise as many sample papers as you can. Try to solve them like a test, limiting yourself to the time limit allotted. This will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.
• Make sure you get optimum rest. Overworking before exams often leads to lethargy while writing an exam.
• Most importantly have a healthy and balanced diet.

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Cheers and all the best!

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Just stay calm Do not over stuff yourself Before the exam , take deep breath and then start writing Sleep on time Wake up early in morning Drink a lot of water Eat less in dinner
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the only tip what i follow is to read and write. write more and more and when you feel boring in writing more then take a short break where you would not watch tv or something but just sit idle
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