Tmrw is my english viva so plz help I want DEFINATION,IMPORTANT POINTS TO REMEMBER while writing Speech & Debate too plz tell me fast... 

Here are a few tips and guidelines which would help you write a debate speech as well as deliver them in public:
- Choose your area of debate. Understand the requirement of the topic you are working on. Every debate speech has guidelines which cannot be written off the top of your head;
- Choosing the appropriate topic is of high importance. You need to choose ‘for’ or ‘against’ a notion in a debate speech. Being well aware of the content of the opponent is very useful. The more you get a brief idea of what your opponent is going to say, the better.
- Be prepared. Staying on the right track is extremely essential for proving your point well before your opponent. Your written speech has to be very thorough.
- Use your resources well keeping in mind the various advantages and disadvantages your debate topic might have. Study well and prepare your introduction that would give the initial views in a clear cut manner.
- Outline your main points and put emphasis on them in order to make your opponent believe your position strongly. Breaking down your topic into sub points can trigger your memory during the debate.
- Under your sub points flesh out your argument with examples or illustrations and mark them with Lower case letters so that it gets easier to stress on your topic.
- Debating is a serious affair but you should not be paranoid about standing in front of people and delivering your speech.
- Formal attire with high level of confidence and eye contact with the audience is extremely necessary while deliverance of your debate speech. Don’t be too loud but be firm to give your opponent a strong challenge.
- You should also prepare to answer your opponent’s arguments and so, knowing the matter in depth would help you prepare well. Break the topic well and pay equal attention to all the segments. Write your points clearly and you can number your arguments for better reference.
Hope this helps!

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Introduction of the topic

What is the problem(Harm)

Why the problem has arisen

Solution of the problem

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