To expel hot air out of the kitchen,"A" has an exhaust fan fitted on the window of her kitchen and "B" has a similar exhaust fan fitted on the wall near the ceiling of her kitchen, which of the exhaust fan will expel the hot air more effectively? Explain why

Kitchen B - Because Hot air rises up as it is lighter. It move out more effectively if exhaust fan is near ceiling. and fresh air comes in kitchen via window.
Kitchen A - exhaust fan on window do work but not as effective as fan at ceiling, circulation of fresh and hot air is from same site so it is not so effective and some hot air trapped at ceiling. 
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Kitchen B
Because hot air is lighter in weight as compared to cold air. As the exhaust fan is near the ceiling, the hot air will rise up and fresh air from the windows will enter the kitchen.

Kitchen A
In this case as the exhaust fan is placed near windows, the hot air which is rising up will not get out of the kitchen and the person who is cooking will not feel comfortable
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Kitchen B is more effective than kitchen A because the process of ventilation occurres at a much faster pace when fitted at the top the kitchen (around the ceiling) as hot air is lighter and rises up and can be replaced by the cool air from the door and windows.
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Kitchen b will be the rise up because the hot air always rises up similarly the smoke also rises up high in the sky and due to the air pressure the hot air is more convenient for each other and that is the reason for the smoke which rises up in the sky this will help us to identify the kitchen aor b so the correct option is the best one and all the best for your exams
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