To have a fair complexion is an obsession in our society. Demand for fair brides in matrimonial columns and sale of fairness creams are evidence enough. Write an article in 150 - 200 words giving your views on
'Beautiful mind, better than a fair complexion.' You are Natwar/Nimmi.
Use the following clues :
• the West, people like to be tanned
• fair complexion, only skin deep
• beautiful mind
• attitude to life
• behaviour in society, etc.

Dear Student,
Given below are few points that will help you frame a complete answer. Kindly work on this outline as this is a creative task.
  • An individual is beautiful not based on the outward appearance.
  • It is inner beauty that is reflected on the face of a person.
  • Therefore, colours do not play a significant role.
  • It is shameful to see that media and people are keen to convey the message that beauty is being fair.
  • It is contradictory to note that even celebrities promote this idea.
  • Most of the foreigners, who are fair skinned, desire to attain a brown shade of skin and therefore, get tanned.
  • There are many people across the globe, who come from different countries and races and possess different shades and colours. Yet they have made remarkable achievements in the world, not by their skin colour, but by talent and a good heart.
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