To remove 'phosgene' from chloroform ,_________ is added :

a. Ethyl amine

b. ethyl chloride

c. ethyl alcohol

d. ethane

Please explain briefly

The correct answer will be c

Chloroform under goes Oxidation to produce phosgene :

Oxidation and Reduction of Chloroform.JPG 

Phosgene is extremely poisonous gas. To use chloroform as an anaesthetic agent, it is necessary to prevent the above reaction. The following two precautions are taken when chloroform is stored.

(a) It is stored in dark blue or brown coloured bottles, which are filled upto the brim.

(b) 1% ethyl alcohol is added. This retards the oxidation and converts the phosgene

formed into harmless ethyl carbonate.

COCI2 + 2C2H5 OH ——→ ( C2H5O)2 CO + 2HCI


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