Today's Question 2 on Science:

​​Polystyrene is which type of plastic? Write any 3 uses of Polystyrene plastic (PS). 

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Dear Student ,
Polystyrene is a transparent thermoplastic available in both in solid plastic or in solid foam type material .
(i) Refrigerators, air conditioners, ovens, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, blenders – these and other appliances often are made with polystyrene (solid and foam) because it is inert (doesn’t react with other materials), cost-effective and long-lasting.
(ii) Polystyrene (solid and foam) is used to make many car parts, including knobs, instrument panels, trim, energy absorbing door panels and sound dampening foam. Foam polystyrene also is widely used in child protective seats.
(iii)Polystyrene is used for the housing and other parts for televisions, computers and all types of IT equipment, where the combination of form, function and aesthetics are essential. 

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