tomorrow will be my paper please tell me the answer of question the change the following interrogative sentences into indirect speech I can send questions and examples with the questions please tell me with the help of example

Dear Student
  1. My father enquired what I was doing then.
  2. I asked him where he was going.
  3. My friend asked me if I could stay with him that night.
  4. My mother asked the visitor whom he wanted to meet.
  5. I asked her if she was interested in dramatics.
  6. John asked me whether I would go to Shimla the following year.
  7. The mouse asked who would bell the cat.
  8. Sneha asked her mother if she could go out in the rain.
  9. Mrinal asked her friend if she had got a hair cut.
  10. Rohan asked his friend who had won the toss.

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