Total English class 9 test paper 3 grammar solutions no 4


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your intervened timely or he would have been fired
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2. Walking in the field, he came across a rare stone.
3. We, not wanting to miss the flight, went to the airport by taxi.
4. Hadn't you intervened timely, he would have been fired.
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You dirty fellow
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Or else
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he intervened timely otherwise he would have been fired
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email to the director of the old age home informing him about the visit
of the students from your school to the old age home
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2. He came accros a rare stone while he was walking in the field
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3. Because they doesn't want to miss the flight they went to airport in a taxi
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But for your intervance on time, he would have fired
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Please find this answer

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He cannot understand why he is angry
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