Tourism plays an important role in improving the economy of a country. Write a report for your school magazine about the role of tourism and give suggestions how it can be improved. You are Aditi / Aditya of Sunshine Public School, Gwalior. ( in about 120-150 words). You can take help from the following clues. Clues  Economic development • Employment  Positive reviews • Issues

Dear Student, 

Such questions are made for enhancing the self-creative skills and should be tried answering on your own. However, here are a few points that will help you in framing your answer:
  • Tourism is one of the most important sectors of an economy.
  • It provides jobs to a number of people, helps in infrastructural development of the host country and acts as a conduit for cultural exchange between different countries.
  • It aids in the overall development of an economy. 
  • Travel and hospitality industry are the direct beneficiaries of the tourism sector.
  • Medical tourism is a new sub-sector of tourism that helps the health sector.
  • Overall, due to the travel restrictions imposed to contain the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, the tourism sector has suffered innumerable losses.
  • While all other sectors of our economy have started operation, the tourism sector continues to suffer from bleak prospects.
  • Resorts and secluded locations which are located amidst the beauty of nature should be marketed aggressively as pandemic safe low-density destinations to attract tourists.
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