Transpiration is the price the plant pays for photosynthesis. Give reason

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Transpiration is the evaporation of water from the leaves in the form of water vapour.According to Cohesion-Tension theory water molecules stick to one another through cohesion and form a column in xylem.The negative pressure created by transpirational pull exerts a force on these water particles causing their upward movement in xylem.This is called ascent of sap in which water moves upward from roots to the aerial parts of plant.Water is used in the process of photosynthesis which is transported through xylem.Transpiration invovles mainly xylem cells which becomes active during absorption process by the roots.Most of the water absorbed by the plants is hence lost by transpiration.Hence transpiration is the price plant pays for photosynthesis.

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Plants need carbon dioxide for photosynthesis ,plant can take carbon dioxide through stomata . When stomata will open then only Co2 will be able to move into the plant.transpiration is loss of water from plants, transpiration occurs from stomata so when water enters ito stomata for transpiration then Co2 is able to enter into stomata for phorosynthesis..
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Because it releases water taken frm the environment
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Transpiration occurs when stomata opens for photosynthesis. Hope it is usefull
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