triangle ABC and triangle ABD are  on a common base AB and AC=BD and OC= OD as shown in figure  ,which one the following statement is true  .  solve with hint ? (1) triangle OAC congruent triangle OBD (2)TRIANGLE abc congruent triangle ADB  (3) triangle ABC= TRIANGLE BAD (4) none of these 

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In triangle AOC and triangle OBDAC=BD  given OC=OD givenCOA=DOB  vertically opposite angles are sameSo AOCBOD    option1          AnswerSo ACO=ODB......1Now in triangle ABC and triangle BADACO=ODB   froAC=BD  givenAB common  So ABCBAD    not match with option 2And no meaning of option3

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answer is number (1).
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